Founded by Rich Ho Kok Tai, Richmanclub Studios was registered and incorporated in Singapore on the 6th June 2004 as a motion pictures production company.

Richmanclub Studios’ first official production was the short film, “The Alien Invasion” in 2004, which involved a massive cast of over 80 real-life university students, staff, and faculty.  “The Alien Invasion” has been shown around the world, including being the first Singaporean film to be nominated for the “Chinese Oscar”, The Golden Horse Awards 2004 for “Best International Digital Short Film”.

Other awards that the studio had picked up along our journey were a “Special Technical Achievement Award” (Hive Film Festival), “Audience Favorite” (Substation First Take) and an Asia-Pacific wide “Gold Award-Digital Art” (ComGraph).

In May 2006, the studios started building our online theatre and community, with the aim of sharing our short films and future online entertainment series with audiences worldwide. The world’s first full-scale Digital Launch of “The Alien Invasion” has also successfully garnered viewership from over hundreds of thousands through online streaming, and all major digital devices, gaining industry recognition for this innovative means of film distribution.

In 2011, Richmanclub Studios launched 2 additional departments.
Richopus Music ( was established in 2011 to offer music production services, and
IVI VFX ( was setup to provide post production services.

In 2013, Richmanclub Studios is leading an international partnership of SONY, NVIDIA, Nanyang Technological University’s MAGIC, OTOY’s OctaneRender, Muse Pte Ltd, Act-3D B.V., iPi Soft LLC and ISP, in producing the movie “The Boy and His Robot”. Where Richmanclub Studios seeks to create a new film production workflow that is completely based on Graphics Processing Units(GPU), which will potentially revolutionize the film industry.

Registered Company Name: Richmanclub Studios Pte. Ltd.
Registration No: 200406959D


If you are a member of the press, or students doing projects, you can find helpful company press information below:Press Releases in PDF:
Press Release on The Alien Invasion’s Golden Horse Nomination (2004)
Press Release about The Alien Invasion’s Worldwide Digital Launch (2006)Also available via email requests are press material for our movies that include:
– Production Information
– High Quality Film Stills and Photographs
– Posters
– Teasers and Trailers
Please send all email requests on the above material to:

Want to arrange for an interview? Please contact us HERE.
If you have any questions or requests not covered by the information above, we are more than pleased to assist you, simply send us an email at:

Thanks for your interest in Richmanclub Studios.
We’ve come up with a list of helpful information here. Please take a look. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the answer you were looking for.

Business Enquiries

1. Does Richmanclub do co-productions? How may I contact you if my company is interested in making a film with you?

Ans: Our processes and work culture are often different from other studios. Nevertheless, do drop us a line at to see how we can have fun together.

2. What sort of business relationships are you interested in?

Ans: Here are some forms of business relationships that we are interested in:
– Sponsorship and product placements
– New technology testing and adoption
– Film Merchandising
– Postproduction Collaboration
– Film Music Production and Coordination
– Distributors
Or simply email us at to have a chat with us.

3. Is it possible for me to obtain a DVD of your demo reel or past works?

Ans: Yes. Please send us your mailing address, contact information, and requests to

Watching Movies and Downloads

1. I can’t watch your films online. What should I do?

Ans: Some of the online theater movies are encoded in Adobe Flash that should require no additional downloads unless your computer doesn’t have the free Flash Player installed. The player will prompt you to update your Flash software and all should be fine. Or update it here: Update Adobe Flash Player

2. The film I am watching keeps pausing. What’s happening?

Ans: If you are experiencing very slow streaming speeds and constant re-buffering of the video, you may be viewing the movie at a time where many others are doing so as well, or the internet traffic is congested at your area.
It’ll be great if you could ‘pause’ the player, and do something else to allow the movie to download before viewing, or you could select the ‘download’ options to watch the movie from your local hard drive. Many of the downloadable movie files are in Apple Quicktime format, or Windows Media Video format and have been encoded at a lower resolution to facilitate efficient downloading. Due to the large file size, we have zipped up some of the movie files in the zip format.
Click to download the free VLC Player to play a wide range of video formats: VLC PLayer
Click to download the free 7-Zip to open various zip formats: 7-Zip

3. Is it okay for me to download and burn CDs of the online films on this site?

Ans: The film clips here are for you to watch for personal enjoyment. If you are just making a single copy to keep for yourself to watch when you feel like it or show your friends, sure. If you are making more than 1 copy, please drop us an email to get permission. Please read more about this in the Terms of Use.

Links to Richmanclub

1. Can I put a link to your site in my homepage, blog, or forum?

Ans: Sure! Go ahead, but please note the following conditions found in this web site’s Terms of Use. We’ve even created buttons and banners for you to use on your site for this purpose.
(To download these buttons and banner images for your site, right click on the image you’d like to save the picture)

2. Can I just link a section of your site to my site (e.g. the download page)?

Ans: Yeah, but if you want to do this, please send us a request first to Please read the Terms of Use for this site for more details.

Employment and Internship

1. Does Richmanclub have an internship program or employ talents from overseas?

Ans: Sorry we do not have an internship program at the moment. However do signup for our Mailing List to be kept informed when it is available.
At the moment we are not employing overseas talents or having any current job openings.
However, you can be kept informed of any job opportunities by emailing us at


1. How did the name “Richmanclub” come about?

In 1999, during our founder, Rich Ho’s, term of National Service, he was commissioned to produce a training/life diary feature film.
To fill up the required credits information, he simply put in the tongue-in-cheek pseudonym, “Richmanclub Studios”.
He eventually continued using “Richmanclub Studios” to brand all the three films he was commissioned by the army.
When we incorporated our company, due to the ease of remembrance(and amusement from the audience), we decided to go with, Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd.

2. How to spell Richmanclub Studios

Ans: Spelling our company name turned out to be a huge challenge for many people; here are the common ways to not spell
“Richmanclub Studios”:
1. Richman Club Studios
2. Rich Man Studios
3. Rich’s Man Club Studios
4. Richmanclub’s Studios
Note: If you write a letter or email to us and spell our name in any of the above mentioned ways, we’ll still answer you.

3. What’s the meaning behind your studio logo?

Ans: Our logo is really a picture to remind us about who we were, who we are now, how we got here, and what we’re supposed to be doing. If you understand this picture, you’ll understand a lot about how our company works – it’s like a picture of our core beliefs and values that we never want to hide, change, or forget.

Other Enquiries

1. I have a question that is not answered in your FAQ. How may I contact you?

Ans: Please email We work very hard at answering the emails and will reply as soon as possible. We will also upload frequently asked questions on this page (as you see here).