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Read and See all the Trivia behind Coffee:Black

COFFEE:BLACK is about a man at a café who does everything in his power to savor his perfect cup of coffee.
He keenly absorbs every nuance of feeling in the experience only to discover that he had accidentally forfeited the most essential element of all.

Director Rich Ho’s Statement

Spoiler Alert- Please do not read on if you have not watched the film.

Many people have been influenced by the maxim of the Five Ws (and one H). The feeling of fulfillment only arrives when the answers to who, what, where, when, why and how is complete. It is interesting that we have an intelligent need to understand what we are seeing.

I wanted to prove to the audience the power of their subconscious instinct to make sense and give meaning to films by creating a film with all the aspects of anticipated revelation through its black and white presentation with a questionable amount of sweeping multi-camera shots, focus play, jump cuts, and numerous red herrings, in a wild goose chase towards the realization that the entire 6-minutes film (that felt much longer) was purely about a man drinking coffee.

Film trivia
  • The concept was conceived over a morning meeting between Rich(Director) and Kat(Producer) in 2004. Rich joked that there are many good art films out there, but perhaps a couple of them really had no meanings, and the audience would make up their own meanings. He then proceeded to give the example of what ended up as “Coffee:Black”.
  • The same cup of coffee was used over 2 days of filming. After the shoot it was placed in the pantry refrigerator, and forgotten for another 6 months.
  • A significant amount of camera planning had to be made to make 6 minutes of coffee drinking seem longer than expected.
  • The film was shot in 2004 on a Canon XL1s. Much rotoscoping had to be done to create any depth of field as it was shot on a very narrow set.
  • Despite most of Rich’s work being very colorful, he actually likes the look of black and white.
  • The cafe was created in Rich’s office.
  • Audiences who knew Rich’s character understood the film almost immediately at the end of the film and wanted to “kill” him for “wasting 6 minutes of their lives”.
  • “Coffee:Black” was never meant to be released as a short film, but rather a camera test for a new film-look treatment that Rich was experimenting with. It received much attention when it was released on a company DVD in 2004. In 2008, after a trip to the Berlin International Film Festival, Rich shot elements of German architecture, and decided to weave it into the film.
  • Neither the actor(Wei Jie) nor Rich likes their coffee black. Wei Jie likes his with sugar, and Rich likes it with condensed milk.
  • A series of “Coffee:Black” like films are being planned. Be warned.
Full Cast and Crew Production Credits

Film Production Company: Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd
Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Screenplay, Special and Visual Effects, Editing, Original Music and Performance:
Rich Ho Kok Tai
Katharine Chong, Rich Ho Kok Tai
Props and Costumes:
Katharine Chong
Huang Wei Jie
Produced and Copyright 2004 Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd All Rights Reserved.

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