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Read and See all the Trivia behind TWELVE NOON

The kidnappers have been waiting the whole morning for the ransom.
What difference would it make to wait another ten minutes?

Director Rich Ho’s Statement

Spoiler Alert- Please do not read on if you have not watched the film
Twelve Noon is a dark comedy about how the best laid plans can become the best laid mess due to a single decision.
Using a handheld camera, and “human” tripods, I hoped to give the film an observer’s point of view, bringing the audience into the perspectives of the various characters.

Film trivia
  • The film was conceived, shot, and completed in a week.
  • Rich set personal “restrictions” to create a story:
    1) The story had to take place in 1 single location;
    2) No prominent visual effects must be used;
    3) Unknown actors to heighten the realism and sense of danger from not knowing if any character will be safe;
    4) To be shot within 8 hours including rehearsals ( it actually finished in 7 hours);
    5) The story started with the characters, and Rich and Kat went on a “what if” brainstorm of the screenplay.
  • Back in 2011, Rich wanted to experiment with the then-new DSLR cinematography with the Canon 5DMKII.
  • Twelve Noon was Rich’s first film in 4 years, and when he got back to shooting, he realized all his studio equipment have been put in a “Museum” in rental houses.
  • All actors were activated to film in 2 days, and only given the script on the morning of their shoot. Toy figurines of “Batman”, “Superman”, and all “Power Rangers” were used to illustrate the non-linear storyline to the actors. Separate rehearsals were given to the different sets of actors who will only be given information about their scenes.
  • Only 1 Production Assistant was employed for the shoot, making the entire crew 2. All actors doubled as boom operators, and mikes were concealed in the surroundings to minimize crew work.
  • SPOILER ALERT: Most test audiences burst out laughing during the credits, when they realized what happened.
Full Cast and Crew Production Credits

Film Production Company: Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd
Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Special and Visual Effects, Editing, Original Music and Performance:
Rich Ho Kok Tai
Katharine Chong, Rich Ho Kok Tai
Katharine Chong, Rich Ho Kok Tai
Props and Costumes:
Katharine Chong
Production Assistant: Kwa Su Ai
Produced and Copyright 2011 Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd All Rights Reserved.

Cast Character
Tan Hsien Jin Kidnapper  
Winston Tang Kidnapper  
Melvin Lim Victim  
Samuel Lim Policeman  
Jason See Policeman  
TC Ransom delivery man  
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