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Richmanclub Studios Pte Ltd is an award winning motion pictures, music, and visual effects production studio


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The Boy and His Robot- A New Movie Production
The Boy and His Robot- A New Movie Production

“小弟的机器人 (The Boy and His Robot)”- Richmanclub Studios’ major movie production is well on it’s way.

It may well be the largest international partnership in Singapore’s movie making history.
And to date, the adventurers on-board this Richmanclub Studios movie production, Directed and Written by Rich Ho, are SONY, NVIDIA, OTOY’s OctaneRender, Nanyang Technological University’s Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC), Muse Post, ISP, Act-3D B.V., and iPi Soft.
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Richmanclub Studios 9th Birthday
Richmanclub Studios 9th Birthday

Today, we celebrated our 9th year anniversary of forming Richmanclub Studios.

The journey has been strange, hard at times, but always joyous. We never expected to get this far, and be where we are, doing the stuff we are allowed to do, and continue making a living from the dreaming.

Thanks for your support over the years.

We have just wrapped up filming for our very own major movie project, and entering post production next week.
Things have been such a rush that we nearly forgot that it was our company birthday today. We were supposed to be spending a day sorting and cleaning up all the props/costumes/equipment from the month-long shoot, thus we grabbed a camera, and took a quick snap. With some embellishments(ok it’s quite a lot), here’s a quick glimpse into what we are working on. Stay tuned for more news about it, and drop us a line if you’d like to guess what the movie is about:)

In the meantime, in celebration of our 9th anniversary, we’ll be releasing a never-seen-before short film later in the month. Look out for it or signup for our mailing list to be notified.

Richmanclub turns 8
Richmanclub turns 8
4th June 2012- Our 8th Birthday

Today, we remember the “foolishness” of starting our own movie production company. And thank God that it has been 8 years of adventures.

We always see our company as a ship.
Kat imagines it as a ship with sails…and Rich sees it as a spaceship…Elijah just wants to play the drums…
There were risky times, scary days, exciting news, weird encounters, but all were joyful in many ways.

We would like to thank all who have supported, or even actively been part of our little adventure.

Let’s see where this ship will sail to next:)